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    A celebration of Speedball's proud tradition of fine pen-making that began in 1899 with this ultimate calligraphy gift set. The Speedball Calligraphy Collectors Set is an ideal addition to any lettering artist collection...
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    The Speedball Complete Calligraphy Kit features all that is needed to begin creating stunning calligraphic art and includes: • (1) Classic Pen Nib Holder• (1) Oblique Pen Nib Holder• (1) Broad-Edge Pen Nib...
  • Pen Set Calligraphy
    Ideal calligraphy set for the beginner. Use for Roman text, Italic alphabets, ornamental work or fine lettering. Set contains:• Four "C" Style Pen Nibs C1, C2, C3, C4• Two Pen Points No. 101, No. 512•...
  • Lettering & Calligraphy Kit
    This all-in-one kit includes all the essentials to get started in drawing, lettering or calligraphy. Great for beginners and students. Set includes one each of the following:• 2 oz. (59.1 ml) Super Black India Ink and...
  • Lettering & Calligraphy Set
    Ideal for a beginner. This kit contains: three C style pen nibs and penholder, India ink and easy-to-follow instructions.