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    The Pigma Micron® 3 piece set is ideal for "tanglers" who already have Zentangle tiles and need more pens, as well as those who would like to tangle on other paper surfaces. The 01 Pigma Micron is the preferred point...
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    This Zentangle Apprentice Micron® 3-pen Set includes 2 Black Pigma Pen 05 and 1 Black Pigma Pen 10. The affordable Apprentice sets have been carefully chosen to provide students with the benefits of Zentangle including...
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    Conic tipped (5mm) fibrepens with a strong and resistant tip. The tip can be used to draw fine lines (0,75mm) or thicker lines up to 3mm- their tips makes them ideal for both smaller drawings and larger works such as mural...
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    Ergonomic triangular water soluble colour pencils with lead protection system. LPS is the Lead Protection System which increases the leads resistance to breaking. The wood proceeds exclusively from tree plantations...
  • Using the X-ACTO LED Light Knife
    Bringing new innovation to the classic design of the X-ACTO #1 knife and #11 blade with an LED light for improved accuracy in dimly lit work stations or whatever your lighting conditions are. Sleek, soft-touch grip is the...
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    Kimberly Graphite 5-piece Set includes: 2B, HB, and 2H Kimberly graphite pencils extra-soft layout drawing pencil pink eraser General's® Kimberly® Premium Graphite Drawing Pencils are extra smooth artist...
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    16 bright triangular-shaped crayons in a convenient carry case.