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Aqua Wash



AQUA WASH Etching Ink has been developed by the LEFRANC & BOURGEOIS laboratory. Several years were required to establish the perfect stability of the colors and ensure the highest quality: a quality on which CHARBONNEL's reputation has been built.

The binder is composed of several oil emulsions. Its adhesive quality, flexibility and yellowing characteristics are identical to those of traditional oils. The only difference being that you can wash hands, materials and tools with...water!


• Water-washable oil-based emulsion (contains no water)
• Hands and materials can be washed with soap and water
• High pigment concentration (comparable with standard inks)
• Extremely lightfast
• All the colors can be intermixed
• Viscous and easy to wipe
• Can be used with paper that is less damp than required for standard etching ink
• Same drying times as standard inks
• Will not soften when dry


The AQUA WASH range meets all the criteria for "artist" quality inks. It has a high pigmentation concentration identical to that of standard inks, and can be used in all intaglio printing techniques: such as engraving, dry-point, mezzotint, etching and aquatint, as well as monotype and relief printing techniques such as linocut and wood prints.

Art schools, and an increasing number of print workshops are now searchng for water washable solutions (out of a concern for safety, the environment and owing to the toxicity of solvents, recycling issues, etc.).

AQUA WASH inks are genuine oil inks for use in all techniques whether etching or relief printing. They must not be confused with water and resin based inks such as gum Arabic or cellulose-tempera based inks that can be "re-softened" and are limited to monotype or relief techniques (linocut, wood engraving).


• Less expensive than traditional inks
• Superior cleanup with soap and water
• Perfectly stable and long-lasting mediums (5 years in lab)
• Slow-drying, similar to classic inks
• Tools and plates will not rust as inks contain no water



Use Tarlatan, a heavily starched open-weave cotton fabric, for wiping excess ink off etching plates.

Aqua Wash Ocean Blue 60mlCOLORS

The color chart has 17 colors and 7 blacks which are familiar to the printer. These inks behave in a very similar way to standard inks with regard to hardness, suppleness, tack and viscosity.

The ink softens rapidly when blended, when fluid it adheres perfectly to all the grooves and burrs of the plates and is very easy to wipe.

Black is the most commonly used ink. This is why the etching ink color chart has 7 blacks.

They are differentiated by 3 criteria:

Viscosity/tack - this determines the level of adhesion in the ink and its resistance to wiping.

Ink texture - a supple black can envelope all the surface unevenness of fine and shallow engravings. A hard, thick black will be selected to fill deep cuts and adhere to jagged edges.

Shade - blacks can either be cold or warm depending on the pigment composition. Cold blacks (with bluish tints) should not be used for printing on slightly yellow paper. Warm blacks give deeper and more contrasting prints. The weakest black is Soft Black, it is used as a medium and mixed with some blacks whose tones are considered to be too strong, to soften them. Its texture is very supple. It is also used to soften some blacks. thought to be too hard, to make wiping easier.


Aqua Wash Thick Transparent MediumMEDIUMS

Thick Transparent Medium
(equivalent to Transparent White Lake in the standard range) can be mixed with any color and increases transparency while retaining the same texture. As with the colors, this medium softens on kneading and does not change the color with regard to its tack and its adhesion in the grooves.

Aqua Wash OilAqua Wash Oil
(equivalent to the light oily, strong oils in the standard range) is used as a colourless thinner to render more fluid those colors that are considered to be too thick at the time of inking or wiping (the equivalent of a few drops is enough) while maintaining their viscosity. It is also used in larger amounts (combined or not combined with water) in the monotype or photopolymer techniques, everywhere that greater fluidity is required.

This oil is the binding oil of the AQUA WASH product range.

Aqua Wash Wiping MediumSoft Black Wiping Medium
Can be mixed with blacks considered too thick and difficult to wipe, while maintaining saturation and intensity.

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