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Artist Tiles

For pattern drawing and meditative art

Experience the emotional benefit of art through pattern drawing on Strathmore® Artist Tiles!

  • Clear your mind and become more focused and relaxed.
  • Enjoy the creative, approachable process of pattern drawing by combining repetitive marks, circles, lines and forms to create small pieces of art.
  • Strathmore makes it even easier with affordable, pre-cut artist tiles in appropriate paper surfaces and sizes.
  • Paper types are suitable for common techniques and media used in pattterning and meditative art.
  • Available in packs, glue bound and wire bound pads.

See Artist Tiles video below.

Strathmore Artist Tiles Bristol300 Series Bristol Artist Tiles

WEIGHT: 100lb. | SURFACE: Vellum

MEDIA APPLICATIONS: Calligraphy and lettering pens, drawing pens, gel ink pens, marking pens, technical pens, graphite and colored pencil.

Available in packs and top glue bound pads. Acid free.

Strathmore Artist Tiles Black400 Series Black Artist Tiles

WEIGHT: 60lb. | SURFACE: Medium

MEDIA APPLICATIONS: Gel ink pens and opaque pens.

Strathmore Artagain® coal black paper contains 30% post-consumer fiber. Available in top glue bound pads. Acid free.

Strathmore Artist Tiles Sketch400 Series Sketch Artist Tiles

WEIGHT: 60lb. | SURFACE: Fine Tooth

MEDIA APPLICATIONS: Drawing pens, gel ink pens, makring pens and any dry media.

Heavy weight sketch paper contianing 30% post-consumer fiber. Micro-perforated sheets. Available in side wire bound pads. Acid free.

Strathmore Artist Tiles Watercolor
400 Series Watercolor Artist Tiles

WEIGHT: 140lb. | SURFACE: Cold Press

MEDIA APPLICATIONS: Wet media, drawing pens, marking pens and technical pens.

Strong surface that produces fine and even washes. Allows for lifting and scraping applications. Available in packs and top glue bound pads. Acid free.

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