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  • Clearprint Design Vellum Pad

    This Clearprint Vellum Pad features smooth 1000H transparent vellum that retains strength, stability, transparency and printing qualities under exposure to heat, light and atmosphere. Pen and pencil lines come out sharp and clean without feathery edges...

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  • Clearprint Heavy Vellum Pad

    Clearprint Heavy Vellum Pad

    This Heavy Vellum pad is the thickest in the Clearprint range, and features a transparent durable surface appropriate for a wide variety of media including alcohol and acrylic based markers, gouache and a variety of dry media.

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  • Clearprint Vellum Book, 4x4 Grid

    Clearprint Vellum Book

    Designed in America, made in America - this specialty book includes 1000H translucent vellum paper featuring a strength and erasability ideal for manual drafting. This surface works well with colored pencils, markers and more. The translucency is...

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