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  • The Folded Pen and Book
  • example of calligraphy by instructor

Folded Pen Class with Renee Jorgensen, Saturday, October 19, 1-4pm

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Product Description

The creative and versatile folded lettering pen is easy to make, and, even more fun to letter with!

Learn an artistic and calligraphic lettering style using the very pen you create.

Explore spirol writing, line widths both fine and extra bold to build authentic letterforms that stack and overlap, and more!

This is a perfect class for those who like to create their greeting cards…think holiday! You’ll also make a folded book out of your practice sheets with kraft paper and hemp twine that binds the book but also serves as a pen loop!


  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

  • Age Level: 16 years plus

  • Maximum Class Size: 12 | Minimum Class Size: 4

  • Class Fee: $90 (online only)

  • Register By: Thursday, October 17, 6pm

  • Included with Class Fee:
    -Materials to make pens
    -Vinyl eraser
    -Practice sheets
    -How-to instructions for making pens
    -Calligraphic alphabet
    -Spirol guide sheet

  • Location: Denver store: 499 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203, FREE parkin

What Else? Pen or pencil and paper for taking notes, apron or the like--dress for mess

ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Renee is an illustrator with a background that includes degrees in commercial art, graphic design and certification in botanical illustration. She currently teaches illustration, modern illumination and caliigraphy for the School of Botanical Art & Illustration in Denver, Colorado, and calligraphy for the Lakewood Heritage Center in Lakewood, Colorado.