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Gelly Roll Ink 74-pen Gift Set

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Product Description

Your favorite colors and special effect Gelly Roll Pens in one set! Surprise the artist in your life or give yourself this fine collection of pens.

This 74 pen set includes Gelly Roll pens in Metallic, Classic, Moonlight, Stardust and Shadow styles.

INVENTION OF GEL INK: In early 1980, Sakura put together a team of four technicians from its main laboratory in Osaka to research gel ink. Oil-based ballpoint ink always remains in a liquid state and is sensitive to gravity. If a ballpoint pen is stored incorrectly, ink collects at one end of the pen, causing inconsistent ink density and color. To combat this, Sakura’s R&D team focused on a unique property of gels called thixotropic action. As gel stands still, its viscosity increases and it solidifies. Thixotropic means that when gel is disturbed, its viscosity decreases and it becomes more liquid. The idea behind a gel ink is that the solidity of a gel combined with the property of thixotropic action will ensure that the gel ink flow remains consistent for the life of the pen.

Conforms to ASTM D 4236