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Golden Acrylic Grounds


Break out of the ordinary to try something seductively absorbent or radically toothy.

Bored with paper? Thinking about working larger? Interested in broadening your substrate options? GOLDEN Grounds, Gels, Pastes and even some Paints are a proven catalyst for taking drawing beyond the confines of tradition and placing it on the cutting edge, expanding your creative options through larger formats, found objects and wherever else your imagination takes you.

Colored pencil, pastel, charcoal, these are just some of the common drawing materials that work great on top of many GOLDEN textures. To give artists a broad range of options for discovery, GOLDEN has developed several tools, elevating the dialog with artists around these products.

Looking for a place to start? The GOLDEN Introductory Grounds Set offers six exciting surfaces when used as grounds for drawing or painting. The dried product samples on the set packaging and informational literature included within the set give artists the opportunity to see how various drawing tools work on different surfaces, inspiring further discovery of the materials.

Other tools for artists to explore include online application videos and step-by-step instructions featuring Fine Pumice Gel, Fiber Paste, Acrylic Ground for Pastels, Crackle Paste, Coarse Molding Paste and Silverpoint / Drawing Ground. Lesson plans focused on idea generation for creating surfaces large and small to work on are also available for you to explore.

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Use GOLDEN ACRYLIC GROUNDS & MEDIUMS to make practically any surface ready for your favorite pencil, pastel, ink, or watercolors.

Golden Draw On This


Looks like handmade paper. Skimming with a wet palette knife can make a smoother surface. When dry, it has an off-white color and is very absorbent, making it ideal for use with watercolor washes or inks. Video>


Acrylic Ground for PastelsACRYLIC GROUND FOR PASTELS
Contains finely ground sand (silica) in an acrylic dispersion polymer. It provides a coarse tooth similar to paper designed for pastel, charcoal, graphite and chalk. Video>



Made with synthetic iron oxide in acrylic. Highly reflective particles give the dried surface a sandpaper like quality. Video>

Dries to a hard, yet flexible opaque film. This product is excellent for creating smooth surfaces and building texture. Video>


Silverpoint | Drawing GroundSILVERPOINT / DRAWING GROUND
A liquid acrylic used for the preparation of supports for drawing. Designed for fine line work on a permanent, lightfast, flexible ground. Ideal for use with graphite, ink, watercolor. Video>

Composed of pumice (volcanic lava) and acrylic polymer. Ideal for creating rough, granular surfaces. It dries to a hard, yet flexible film with a fine tooth. Video>

An opaque cracking material with an absorbent surface. A thin layer produces very fine cracks; thicker applications produce more pronounced cracks. Rigid supports recommended. Video>

Made from granulated marble dust that is translucent up to about 1/8". Dries to an extremely hard, opaque film, with a tooth similar to fine sandpaper. This product is useful for creating tough, durable finishes for smooth or textured surfaces. The dried film can be carved with hand or power tools. Blends with GOLDEN Acrylic colors. Video>

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