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Golden Mean Calipers

The Golden Mean? What’s that?

Golden Mean SpiralThe Golden Mean (also called The Golden Ratio, Phi, The Divine Proportion) is a simple ratio (1 to 1.618) that is considered aesthetically beautiful, and which has been used in art and architecture for thousands of years.

It frequently turns up in nature and in the human body… particularly the human face… which could go some way towards explaining its popularity in art. How it came to feature so greatly in human physiology is a bit more of a mystery.

Pebeo Prisme Fantasy effects

What do Golden Mean Calipers actually do?

They open/close a bit like a compass or divider… the ratio of the distance a to b is always The Golden Mean : 1.618 to 1

In addition to this, the ratio between a, and whole width… a+b, is also The Golden Mean.

Who uses them?

Golden Mean Caliper with acrylic boxMostly artists and designers...but they’ve also been used by musicians, furniture-makers, specialist artisans (potters, pipe-makers, wood-workers), architects, product-designers, even dentists and cosmetic surgeons.

Beyond that, they’re just neat little gadgets :)

How are they made?

The parts are initially laser-cut in Miramar, Wellington NZ – aka Hobbit-Land. After that they are de-burred, counter-sinked, polished and the parts are riveted. The packaging takes about the same amount of time. There's more to it than meets the eye.

How much are they?

$88.99-$104.49 includes Caliper + type of container

Is there a guarantee?

Manufacturer lifetime guarantee – if anything goes wrong – replacement or money back.

Wikipedia has a pretty good article on the Golden Ratio, click here.

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