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Golden OPEN Acrylics

Golden OPEN Acrylics expands the boundaries of acrylics.

Painting Plein Air and Monoprinting with Golden OPEN

Golden OPEN Acrylics are a line of professional artist acrylics with a uniquely slow-drying formulation. The increased working time of these colors expands their range to include more traditional techniques once only possible with oils.

While the formulation is water-based, these paints do not act like any acrylic you may have tried before. Unlike standard acrylics, OPEN Acrylics have the ability to keep moving; they won't quickly lock up or drag. Best in thin applications, OPEN Acrylics are ideal for glazing, shading, wet blending and subtractive techniques. The "stay wet" quality of Golden OPEN makes it a perfect paint for printing techniques, thin layers stay wet for a longer working time.

With the long working time, OPEN Acrylics are the perfect acrylic option for plein air painting, staying workable in the sun and wind much longer than any standard acrylic and more comparable to oils. The ease of soap and water clean-up eliminates some of the health and environmental concerns sometimes associated with oil painting and printmaking.

Availabe in 80 colors, OPEN Acrylics can be used with either synthetic or natural fiber brushes and provides many more options than standard acrylic block printing inks.

Tips for working with OPEN Acrylics.

Mixing Medium with colorOPEN Mediums, including OPEN Thinner, help maximize working time of OPEN Acrylics. OPEN Acrylic Gel (Gloss or Matte) will lower paint viscosity for a more fluid mixture and increased flow. OPEN Thinner helps maintain and adjust the workability of colors on the palette without the use of water mist and moisturizing palettes; unlike mediums and gels, OPEN Thinner contains no binding agents. Some artists consider OPEN Thinner a must-have when using OPEN.

While water is a common medium for reducing the viscosity of a standard acrylic paint, water works very aggressively with the OPEN paints, so the OPEN Mediums or the OPEN Thinner are better choices when a more fluid viscosity is desired.

The slow-drying formulation of OPEN Acrylics allows for better palette management. Colors can last for weeks in a sealed container, reducing waste and preserving mixtures for future use. Give it a try — squeeze a quarter size dab of OPEN Acrylics out on a palette or plate and leave it exposed to normal airflow. Give it a little feel with a brush or palette knife every hour or so to see what happens. Some artists prefer to squeeze out their colors a day ahead of when they plan to use them, allowing them to thicken.

Golden OPEN MediumsThe painting surface, or substrate will play a big role in how OPEN Acrylics feel. Absorbent surfaces, such as watercolor paper or gessoed canvas, will wick moistrure out of the paint, greatly reducing the working time of the initial layers. To maximize working time when using these substrates, seal the surface with a fast drying acrylic medium, such as GOLDEN GAC 100 or Polymer Medium. If a matte appearance is desired, Fluid Matte Medium or Matte Medium can also be used.

Fully compatible with standard acrylic colors, gels and mediums, artists can control drying time by combining OPEN with standard acrylics, such as GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylics for a faster drying time. We suggest underpainting with fast drying standard acrylics to create a foundation for working with OPEN Acrylics when glazing and details are important.

Some artists have discovered that blending OPEN Acrylics with Super Loaded Matte Medium porives the paint with an even greater oil-like feel, offering a slight texture, a slight viscosity change and colors that dry to a more uniform matte finish.

If you are interested in learning more about OPEN Acrylics or have questions, please take advantage of the following resources:

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