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Joe's Sticky Stuff

Joe's Sticky StuffAn Aggressive Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape™

You can use Joe's Sticky Stuff™ for any of the uses below or come up with your own! Joe's Sticky Stuff™ started in the film industry as a replacement for foam tape, blue tack and an automotive window ribbon called butyl. It leaves no residue, won't mar or damage most surfaces and best of all won't come off on your hands.

At the Office:
• Hang items for presentations in hotel conference rooms or clients office
   without damage to walls or windows
• Get that poster to finally stay up on your cubical wall
• Change nameplates and signs without damaging wall coverings 

At Home:
• Hang children's artwork without thumbtack holes
• Use as earthquake hold for artwork and shelf items
• Keep picture frames hanging straight without marring walls
• Decorate kids' rooms
• Keep rugs and carpets from slipping
• Hang holiday artwork or decoration anywhere in the house including windows 

On the Job Site:
• Use Joe's Sticky Stuff™ to preset trim and molding while grabbing tools
• Mount items (such as drapery or mini-blinds) temporarily for visual approval
• Protect floors with cardboard or sheet paper and not have it shift and slide under your feet
• Place small screws or parts into Joe's Sticky Stuff™ until you are ready to use them.

Meininger Art Supply carries 1/2" x 20ft rolls at $17.89 each

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