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Kolinsky Sable

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    Raphael Kolinsky Designer Quill Brush

    This brush features a long tapered point and smaller belly for rapid and precise work. The quill ferrule is crafted traditionally without ties, and makes the brush extremely light-weight and easy to handle. Kolinsky Sable is the best brush for...

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    Raphael Kolinsky Extra-Long Rigger

    This Kolinsky brush has extra-long hair and point which are excellent for rendering very long lines, delicate lettering and outlining. Its extremely narrow belly makes the length of the tip the reservoir. It features the same superior quality Kolinsky...

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    Raphael Pure Kolinsky Extra-Fine Round

    This brush features an extremely responsive extra-fine tapered point which excels at graphic effects, with a smaller belly for quick, precise strokes. 8408 shares the same superior quality Kolinsky sable and hand crafting as the 8404. Kolinsky Sable is...

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    Raphael Pure Kolinsky Fine Round

    Rapha‘l's flagship handmade Kolinsky brush features a fine point for precision and a full belly for a high paint load. It is made of the finest Kolinsky sable that is hand washed, sorted and tested, giving it superior resiliency, spring and snap. It has...