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  • MTN 94 Spray

    MTN 94 Spray Cans

    MTN 94 is probably the most versatile aerosol on the market. Thanks to its extensive color range, quick drying ability and low pressure, it is an suitable tool for practically any type of creative work that requires a matt finish.

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  • MTN PRO Erasable Chalk Spray

    MTN PRO Erasable Chalk Paint is a fast-drying, high opacity, water-based, matt spray paint. Developed for use for temporary markings on non-porous surfaces (construction, sporting events, film decoration, children's games, temporary decorations, etc.)...

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  • MTN Water Based

    MTN Water-Based Spray Cans

    MTN Water Based 300 is a revolutionary water-based paint spray. Its handy 300 ml format, low pressure and, above all its low odor, make it the perfect tool for studio or indoor work. In addition and due to its composition, it is an incredibly versatile...

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