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Rapesco Sharpener

Rapesco 94 Pencil Sharpener

Keep all your pencils sharpened and ready!

Top of the range pencil sharpener with premium cutters. Accepts all standard 8 - 11.75mm pencils (round, hexagonal and triangular barrels). Supplied with desk clamp and non-slip pad on base. Transparent fitted shavings tray. 10 year guarantee.

  • Top of the range desktop sharpener
  • Transparent fitted shavings tray
  • Supplied with desk clamp and non-slip pad on the base
  • For all 8-11.75mm pencils. Round, hexagonal and triangular
  • 10 year guarantee


$21.95  94 Pencil Sharpener (shown)

$19.89  74 Pencil Sharpener

$17.79  64 Pencil Sharpener

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