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Terry Ludwig Pastels

Terry Ludwig
Terry Ludwig

About Terry Ludwig
Handcrafted Pastels

Frustrated with the lack of color options available and few choices for very soft pastels, Terry Ludwig began experimenting with formulas for making his own pastels in 1995. His goal was to create a vast array of color in pastels that were uniformly soft across all densities of hue.

The results were more than 500 intense colors, some of which are unavailable elsewhere, in a unique square pastel.

Each pastel is crafted with a broad range of pigments by hand with minimal natural binders. This renders a highly concentrated, velvety pastels. The square shape delivers thick, broad strokes or thin, precise lines where necessary. The size of our pastels are approximately 1 1/2″ x 1/2″ x 1/2″. Because each pastel is handcrafted, the size and shape may vary slightly.

Terry Ludwig




Terry Ludwig
Terry Ludwig Pastels Full Set
The entire collection of Terry’s 515 colors! Available to order.


Terry Ludwig 90-set Greens90 Greens. How many colors of green can the human eye see? Some say hundreds. Get a jump on your landscapes with this comprehensive set of 90 green pastels. This set includes all three of Terry's 30-piece Green sets.

Terry Ludwig 60-set Richard McKinley Landscape60 Richard McKinley Landscape. Richard McKinley is a highly acclaimed artist of the landscape and a very popular instructor. This set of landscape colors was selected by him for his workshop students. Now it's available to you!.

60 Intense Darks. This 60-piece set of soft pastels includes both sets of Terrys Intense Darks for a comprehensive set of 60 Intense Dark pastels delivered in one 60-piece box.

60 Basic Values. This set of 60-piece Basic Values set was selected by Maggie Price, and is organized into 12 color families, with five values of each, from darkest to lightest – a perfect foundation for your collection of Terry Ludwig Pastels. This is a great starter set for new pastelists.

60 Vibrants. The Vibrants set is so juicy and bold, it will be the next “MUST HAVE” in your Terry Ludwig Pastels collection. This deep magenta pigment, our most recent addition, has allowed us to create 60 colors that will liven up your pastel box! Stand out in the crowd with Terry’s much anticipated Vibrant Set.

Terry Ludwig 60-set Arid Landscape60 Arid Landscape. Developed for high desert landscapes, this set features neutral greens, clear blue skies and a great selection of landscape basics.

60 Plein Air Landscape. A great selection for landscape painters working in a variety of environments. One of Terry Ludwigs most versatile and poplular landscape sets.

60 Southeast Landscape. Humid and steamy, the American Southeast landscape contains warm greens, bright florals and misty blues like nowhere else. Pastelist Marsha Savage put these unique colors together in this 60-piece set for artists in the southeastern United States and worldwide to enjoy.

60 Portrait. Working with an exclusive panel of noted portrait artists, he created an authoritative set of 60 portrait hues as an addition to his Basic Portrait 30-piece set.

Terry Ludwig 30-set Intense Darks I30 Intense Darks I. Intense Dark colors are the hallmark of the Terry Ludwig Pastels line. Uniformly soft, without hard spots or crumbling, our darks are unrivaled in the industry. This set is where it all started and includes bright, acidic greens, a broad range of intense reds and the eggplant purples that have been described as ‘the new black.’

30 Intense Darks II. 30 MORE intense dark colors, including deeper darker browns, rich velvety turquoise, shadowy blues and five new mysterious purples.

30 Turquoise. Terry condensed his extensive line of turquoise pastels into this set of 30 essentials for water and sky.

Terry Ludwig 30-set Basic Landscape30 Basic Landscape. Start your collection of Terry Ludwig Pastels with this set of 30 landscape shades. A broad range of greens, browns, neutrals and highlights – this is the perfect set for quick jaunts outdoors.

30 Basic Portrait. This is one of Terry Ludwigs original sets of artists pastels and still one of our most popular. Chosen exclusively by Terry and used in all of his portrait work. An absolute necessity for portrait artists!

30 Essential Grays. “This set includes five values each of six colors of gray. Not black-and-white gray, but blue-gray, purple-gray, green-gray, red-gray, teal-gray and yellow/brown-gray…colors I have searched for, wanted, and never had until now.” -Maggie Price

30 Neutral Greens. 30 distinct shades of warm greens, organized by value. A must have for any landscape palette. Available to order.

30 Cool Greens. Includes 30 distinct shades of cool blue-greens and browns. Endlessly useful for capturing the way evergreen trees reflect on snow, as well as water scenes and seascapes.

30 Warm Greens. 30 distinct shades of warm greens, organize by value.  A must have for any landscape palette.

30 True Lights. Thought Terry was all about the dark? Come see the light! These soft super-light pastels don’t chip or crumble, but are as creamy as any other color in our line. This set of 30 soft pastels includes 15 colors, 2 truly light values of each.

Terry Ludwig 14-set Sunset Colors14 Sunset Colors. We call it ‘sunset,’ but some say ‘autumn colors,’ or ‘vibrant warm tones’ – and we agree! This set of 14 sticks includes a 12-step gradation from warm yellow to warm red , plus two shades of cool red.

14 Most Requested Violets. Terry has chosen the 14 most requested violets from his broad range of existing colors.  Perfect for landscapes, florals, shadows, and anywhere else you would like to put these luscious violet colors.

Terry Ludwig 10-set Ultramarine Blues10 Ultramarine Blues. This small set includes 10 values of Ultramarine Blue, from near pure pigment to nearly white. A must-have for skies, water and still life paintings.

10 Cobalt Blues. This small set includes 10 values of Cobalt Blue, from near pure pigment to nearly white. A must-have for warming up your skies, water and still life paintings.

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