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  • Joseph Martinez ©
  • Joseph Martinez ©

Watercolors, Uncomplicated with Joseph Martinez, Saturday, August 4, 2-3:30pm

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Watercolors, Uncomplicated with Joseph Martinez, Saturday, August 4, 2-3:30pm

Joseph will demonstrate his technique/process followed by students putting paint on paper. Explore the basics of watercolors in a way that feels comfortable to you.

He is very open-minded and will share his techniques and tips that he has found beneficial to his practice. He wants students to get a good feel for watercolor and go on their own stylistic path.

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Sponsored by Savoir Faire

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Beginning to Intermediate. ages 13-up

  • Class is limited to 12 participants.

  • Dress for mess – Painting can be messy!

  • Optional - Bring something to write with and take notes.

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Each student will take home:

  • Palette with 5 select Sennelier watercolors

  • 3 brushes - #2, #4 & #8 rounds

  • Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper

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About Joseph

Joseph, a Denver artist, is interested in all types of work and finds it hard to not be influenced by so many different artists

He is particularly interested in the creative process of each piece and likes the challenge of how to build and break down each subject. He plans on continuing to create whatever makes him happy, whether it is super detailed oil paintings on matchbooks or cutting up currency, or, working in watercolors.

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