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  • Artist Survival Kit In Brush Basin
    The Masters®Artist Survival Kit is a complete artist clean up set. Includes: The Masters® Brush Cleaner and Preserver (2.5 oz) The Masters® Hand Soap Kiss-Off® Stain Remover All-Art®...
  • Etchr Mini Palettes and Container
    A travel-sized watercolourist's companion to carry and store your favorite 37 colours in one tiny porcelain kit. Designed by Stephanie Law.
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    View Frame is the smart view finding tool. It is the first and only view finding tool with fully dynamic and removable guides. Learn & Teach: Perspective Measuring Proportions and Foreshortening Design & Composition...
  • Palette 5 Well w/Cover Porcelain
    Hand glazed in China, this pure white porcelain palette is great for mixing inks, dyes and water media without staining. Cleans up easily and is great for any artist, but especially for watercolorists. 5-well round palette...