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  • Alvin Lead Pointer

    Alvin Lead Pointer Grey

    This small 2½" high rotary lead pointer is made of durable, light-weight plastic with a removable top for easy cleaning of filings. Features two lead point options and hardened tempered steel cutting blades. Two replacement point-cleaning pads included.

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  • Lead Pointer

    Art Alternatives Lead Pointer

    For those who prefer lead holders to traditional wooden pencils, this lead pointer sharpens your lead points consistently and easily. Featuring a rotary action sharpener, this lead pointer is ideal for both graphite and colored leads.

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  • Mars Lead Pointer

    Staedtler Mars Lead Pointer

    Keep your leads sharpened to exactly the point you need for precise lines. For use with all types of lead holders, this lead pointer features a rotary action sharpener for graphite and colored leads. It also has a built-in point cleaner. Automatic...

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