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Drawing Boards

  • PXB Drawing Board 24" x 36"

    PXB Drawing Board 24" x 36"

    The Original PXB board is a professional-quality portable drawing and drafting board with built-in parallel straight edge. Comes fully assembled. Perfect for students and those who need an accurate drawing surface, but don't have the space for a full...
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  • Parallel Drawing Board angle Parallel Drawing Board front

    Parallel Straightedge Drawing & Drafting Boards

    These portable, compact drawing boards feature a smooth, warp-resistant Melamine-coated surface and a built-in easy-grip parallel straightedge with clear acrylic edges, eliminating the need for a T-square. They're great for on the go work, have a handle...
    $157.19 - $257.39
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  • AA Tote Boards

    Artist Tote Board with Clamps

    These portable, multifunctional tote boards are great for both indoor or outdoor sketching and painting. Made of untempered 5mm MDF, they feature heavy duty clips, an easy-carry cutout handle and a heavy-duty rubber band to keep pad or paper in position.
    $10.39 - $28.49
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