• Craft Essentials Box

    Craft Essentials Box

    Projects call for a variety of tools and mediums, and this box has what you'll need. Pre-Packaged Art Essentials to make your experience easier and quicker to start.  Inside you'll find information, instructions, and a collection of multi surface...

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  • Drawing Essentials Box

    Drawing Essentials Box

    The Simplicity of Dry Media, this box has the basic building blocks of art itself.     Perfect for any Drawing 101 Class/course. Perfect Gift for that Artist of any level in your life. Perfect for getting your artistic journey on fresh...

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  • Printmaker Essentials Box

    Printmaker Essentials Box

    There's many facets to the Printmaking medium, this box will set you up for a full dive into all things printmaking! Alongside information and tips, in this box you'll find; brayers, inks, barrens, plates, etc. Everything you'll need to find your...

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  • 3D Essentials Box

    3D Essentials Box

    Lets get 3 Dimensional, this box has what you need to get started in the third dimension of art. You'll find in this box information, tips, tricks, tools, clay, molds, etc.    Consider Subscribing to this box for great products to your door...

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  • Kids Essentials Box

    Kids Essentials Box

    A perfect way to start your Kid's journey into the arts. Kid's Art Essentials ready for the Holidays. Inside, along with activities, tips, and tricks, you'll find everything they'll need to get a perfect start to their journey in the arts. Get the...

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  • Painting Essentials Box

    Painting Essentials Box

    A perfect way to start your journey into painting or to restock and continue creating works of art that only you can create. Pre-Packaged Art Essentials ready for the Holidays.   Inside you'll find tools, information, and instructions for the...

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  • Illustration Essentials Box

    Illustration Essentials Box

    The Essential Illustration Collection perfect for stocking up for your journey through a slightly harder to define medium. Dry and Wet Media for whichever design you pursue. Pre-Packaged Art Essentials ready for the Holidays.   Inside you'll find...

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  • Tony Ortega - Intro to Painting Kit

    Tony Ortega - Intro to Painting Kit

    Tony Ortega Introduction to Painting Class Kit for Spring 2021 at Regis University. This kit contains: 1-Basics Alizarin Crimson 4oz 1-Basics Burnt Sienna 4oz 1-Basics Cadmium Yellow Light Hue 4oz 1-Basics Dioxazine Purple 1-Basics Mars Black...

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  • Meininger Gift Cards - for in-store shopping

    Meininger Gift Card

    THIS ITEM IS A PHYSICAL GIFT CARD TO BE USED FOR IN-STORE SHOPPINGif you want an online gift certificate to make purchases on our web store, click here Select your denomination. Place in cart. Continue shopping or go to checkout. If you choose to have...

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