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Heavy Body

  • Golden Acrylic Phosphorescent Green Paint 2oz, 4oz, 8oz sizes image

    Phosphorescent Green Color

    Phosphorescent Green is a Heavy Body paint that can be applied to various surfaces. The unique pigment used has the ability to absorb and store natural and artificial light. Once the light source is removed (i.e. when the lights are turned off or the...
    $13.89 - $39.99
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  • Golden Heavy Body Acrylics Golden Heavy Body Acrylics

    Golden Heavy Body Acrylics

    GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylic Paints are available in 9 Series with a price range of $6.92 for Series 1 paints to $14.97 for Series 9 paints. Paint series numbers exist so that the manufacturer can charge prices that reflect the actual cost of pigments,...
    $8.29 - $82.49
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