May is Plein Air Faire


  • Brush Cleaning Basin image

    Brush Cleaning Basin

    Soak, scrub, rinse and air-dry your brushes! Fine brushes are investments, and it pays to have a well-designed brush basin to keep drying paint from ruining them. These sturdy plastic basins are compartmentalized, one side for soaking, the other for...
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  • Palette Knife

    Palette Knife

    The lightweight metal blade allows you to work flexible and make reliefs. Large head size and a comfortable wooden handle. Works great for mixing pigments with binder.
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  • masterson saver key

    Paint Saver Keys

    Put an end to crimped, cracked, leaky tubes of paint. These keys allow you to squeeze every last drop of pigment onto your palette without damaging the tube. They come in a random assortment of three key sizes for different sized tubes. Simply slip the...
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  • Artist Survival Kit In Brush Basin

    Artist Survival Kit In Brush Basin

    The Masters®Artist Survival Kit is a complete artist clean up set. Includes: The Masters® Brush Cleaner and Preserver (2.5 oz) The Masters® Hand Soap Kiss-Off® Stain Remover All-Art® Sharpener ES-20 Factis® Extra Soft...
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