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  • Dark Spaghetti Beeswax
    Approximately 24 six-inch strips of darkened beeswax for use with electric kistky. Place one end into the funnel of your electric kistka, and the proper amount of wax instantly melts into your tool. There is less waste than...
  • Glass dome and Wood stand
    Glass and wood dome set. Egg stand and Pysanka are shown as an example only. Glass dome is 4-1/4" high and the opening is 2-3/4" wide; wood base is 3/8" high by 4" across. Pysanky egg not included.
  • Ukrainian Goose Egg Shell
    Blown goose egg shells that are 9" or slightly larger - measured lengthwise. Plug the single hole at the bottom with some wax to keep the dyes out, and create your design.