• Dark Spaghetti Beeswax

    Ukrainian Dark Spaghetti Beeswax

    Approximately 24 six-inch strips of darkened beeswax for use with electric kistky. Place one end into the funnel of your electric kistka, and the proper amount of wax instantly melts into your tool. There is less waste than using cake wax. Total weight...

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  • Dark Beeswax

    Ukrainian Dark Beeswax

    1-1/2 inch square cake of darkened beeswax. For use with electric kistky, but can also be used with traditional and delrin kistky. One cake is good for approximately three dozen eggs.

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  • Ukrainian Goose Egg Shell

    Ukrainian Goose Egg Shell

    Blown goose egg shells that are 9" or slightly larger - measured lengthwise. Plug the single hole at the bottom with some wax to keep the dyes out, and create your design.

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