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  • Acrylic 14 Explorer Set

    Golden Acrylic 14 Explorer Set

    The new Acrylic Explorer 14 Set takes the “workshop in a box” concept to a whole new level. Inside the HDPE box made with 70% post-consumer recycled plastic, the contents allow artists to explore GOLDEN acrylics even further with a...

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  • Golden Acrylics 6 Textures Set Golden Acrylics 6 Textures Set Tubes

    Golden Acrylic 6 Textures Set

    The new Acrylic Textures Set has been completely reimagined with squeeze tubes to make the six mediums easier for artists to use and increasing the shelf-life of the products inside an HDPE box made with 70% post-consumer recycled plastic. This set is a...

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  • Golden Heavy Body Acrylics 2oz, 5oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz Golden Heavy Body Acrylics palette

    Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paint

    GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylic Paints are available in 9 Series with a price range of $6.92 for Series 1 paints to $14.97 for Series 9 paints. Paint series numbers exist so that the manufacturer can charge prices that reflect the actual cost of pigments,...

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    Golden High Flow Drawing Set

    includes 10 colors for calligraphers- graphic artists and illustrators. This set includes colors typically used for illustration- such as Indigo and Carbon Black- fancy colors for calligraphy- such as Iridescent Gold and Teal- as well as- White and a...

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    Golden High Flow Marker Set

    This set includes 5 High Flow colors plus 3 empty markers, providing an ideal way to discover how easy it is to use High Flow Acrylics in markers. The three markers offer different sizes, from a fine tip to a broad 15 mm nib, each its own mark-making...

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  • Golden OPEN Acrylics Landscape Set

    Seven - 22 ml Acrylic Tubes, One - 59 ml Acrylic Tube, One 30 ml OPEN Thinner. GOLDEN Acrylics remain wet far longer than other acrylics, facilitating blending, softening, shading, glazing and fine detail. They resist skinning on the palette during long...

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  • Golden Principal Fluid Set

    Golden Principal 1oz Fluid 10pc Set

    This set offers a selection of ten GOLDEN Professional Fluid Acrylic Colors that are fundamental to the serious artist working with fluid viscosity acrylics. The GOLDEN Principal Fluid set provides artists with a cost effective means to setting up a...

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