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  • angelus 2 hard angelus 2 hard

    Angelus 2-Hard

    Do you need to paint plastic or other hard surfaces? Then Angelus 2-Hard is the perfect item for you! When mixed with Angelus Acrylic Paints, this product will allow the paint to adhere to non-porous surfaces such as plastic or glass. Angelus...

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  • Angelus 2-thin

    2-Thin is perfect when you need to thin out our Angelus Leather Acrylic Paint. It keeps your shoe paint from clumping on a mesh surface, and it's great when you're using airbrush for your customization. For airbrush...

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  • Angelus Acrylic Finisher

    Original finisher with assortment of different sheen. Semi to high gloss top finish for use on all smooth leathers. Excellent for both hand crafted work and high speed production. Just apply with a sponge, rag, wool, spray gun, or brush and let dry. No...

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  • angelus duller angelus duller

    Angelus Duller

    Angelus Duller is mixed with Angelus Paint in order to reduce the amount of shine in the paint. Perfect item if you want the "Matte" or "Flat" look. We recommend mixing no more than 5-8% duller into your paint solution

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  • Angelus Leather Preparer & Deglazer

    All purpose cleaner and stripper for leather articles. Excellent for use in prepar­ing leather for dyeing with Angelus Leather Dyes. Product can be use to de-glaze factory finishes from shoes, purses, holster, and saddles. Leather Pre­parer &...

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  • Angelus Water & Stain Repellant

    When properly applied, Angelus Water & Stain Repellent will provide an invisible protective coating that repels water and stains to keep leather, suede, Gore-Tex, and many fabrics clean and dry. Safe to use on Dry Clean Only fabrics. Recommended Use:...

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  • Gamblin Cold Wax Medium

    Gamblin Cold Wax Medium

    Gamblin Cold Wax Medium is made from pure beeswax. Formulated to knife consistency, this medium makes oil colors thicker and more matte. Make your Gamblin mediums and Gamvar more matte or apply alone as a matte varnish; add texture, layers and impasto...

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  • Gamblin Galkyd

    Gamblin Galkyd

    Galkyd is a high-viscosity that thins oil colors to increase transparency and gloss. When used in greater proportions with oil color, it will level brushstrokes and create an enamel-like surface. Create luminous, even surfaces. Thin layers will be...

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  • Gamblin Galkyd Gel

    Gamblin Galkyd Gel Medium, 150ml

    Galkyd Gel is a stiff gel that produces thicker, sharper brush marks and dries quickly. Increase the transparency of your oil colors and utilize an impasto style for thick, dramatic textures. Thickens paint.

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  • Gamblin Galkyd Lite

    Gamblin Galkyd Lite

    Galkyd Lite thins oil colors and increases transparency and gloss. When used in moderation with oil colors, it is more fluid and less glossy compared to Galkyd. Thin layers will be touch-dry in approximately 24 - 30 hours.

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  • Gamblin Galkyd Slow Dry

    Gamblin Galkyd Slow Dry

    Galkyd Slow Dry thins oil colors and extends working time, allowing you to go with the flow of your creative process and customize your experience. Use one part Galkyd Slow Dry to one part oil colors to paint wet-into-wet. Compatible with oil paints.

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