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  • Golden High Flow Medium 16oz

    Golden High Flow Medium 16oz

    High Flow Medium [formerly Airbrush Transparent Extender] in­creases the transparency and film hardness of High Flow Acrylics. May be mixed in any ratio desired, for precise control of transparency.
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  • Golden Airbrush Medium

    Golden Airbrush Medium

    Airbrush Medium modifies GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics for spray application by reducing clog­ging and tip buildup during spraying. Recommended for spraying on garments, Airbrush Medium may also be used to thin other prod­ucts for spraying...
    $7.79 - $76.89
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  • Golden Matte Medium

    Golden Matte Medium

    Matte Medium is a pourable medium useful for extending color, decreasing gloss and increasing film integrity. It is also used as a nearly clear ground on canvas instead of gesso.
    $12.69 - $76.89
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  • Golden Fluid Matte Medium

    Golden Fluid Matte Medium

    Fluid Matte Medium is useful for extending colors, decreasing gloss and increasing film integrity. Particularly useful with GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics to decrease gloss while maintaining consistency. 
    $12.69 - $30.19
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  • Golden Gloss Medium

    Golden Gloss Medium

    Gloss Medium [formerly Polymer Medium (Gloss)] is useful for creating glazes, extending colors, enhancing gloss and translucency. It has an oil-like feel and resinous nature that promotes flow and leveling. It is the best product for blocking...
    $13.39 - $82.29
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  • Golden Color Pouring Medium Golden Color Pouring Medium

    Golden Color Pouring Medium

    Mix Heavy Body, Fluid, or High Flow Acrylics into Color Pouring Medium Gloss for an almost opaque, glossy and level appearance. Color Pouring Medium Matte provides a low luster finish on color pours. Colors hold their edges when...
    $12.69 - $76.89
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  • Golden Clear Tar Gel golden leveling gel

    Golden Clear Tar Gel

    Clear Tar Gel has a pully, tar-like feel, but in a clear, colorless gel. This extremely resinous and stringy consistency makes it feel very different from other acrylic gels. Useful for generating fine detailed lines by "dripping" it over surfaces,...
    $13.89 - $96.29
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  • Golden Fiber Paste golden leveling gel

    Golden Fiber Paste

    Fiber Paste when dry has the appearance of handmade paper. It can be skimmed with a wet palette knife to make a smoother surface. The dry off-white color is absorbent, making it ideal for use with acrylic washes.
    $13.39 - $31.39
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  • Golden Glass Bead Gel golden leveling gel

    Golden Glass Bead Gel

    Glass Bead Gel made with genuine glass beads, offers a unique effect similar to condensation on glass - best seen in thin films over a light color to allow the glass beads to be illuminated.
    $13.89 - $96.29
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  • Golden Clear Granular Gel

    Golden Clear Granular Gel

    Clear Granular Gel is made with granular acrylic solids and has excellent clarity and du­ra­bil­i­ty with a coarse texture that dries translucent. Clear Granular Gel can extend paint and add texture without altering color.
    $15.29 - $105.39
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  • Golden Pumice Gel golden leveling gel

    Golden Pumice Gel

    Pumice Gels (L-R Fine, Coarse, Extra Coarse) textures dry to hard films. They mix well with GOLDEN Acrylic Colors. Fine Pumice Gel is useful as a drawing ground. Coarse Pumice Gel and Extra Coarse Pumice Gel create more coarse textures to yield...
    $13.39 - $96.29
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  • Golden High Solid Gel golden leveling gel

    Golden High Solid Gel

    High Solid Gels (L-R: Gloss, Matte) are similar in body to Heavy Gels. They contain more acrylic solids and shrink slightly less than other gels. They blend well with colors and will retain brush strokes upon drying. Available in gloss and matte.
    $15.29 - $105.39
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