Winsor & Newton

  • Artguard Barrier Cream jar image

    Artguard Barrier Cream 250ml

    A light, pleasantly scented, non-greasy cream that rubs easily into the skin to form an invisible barrier against most types of artist painting materials. Artguard helps prevent harmful or irritating...
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  • WN Drawing Ink

    Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks

    Our Drawing Inks have been used by illustrators since their introduction by Winsor & Newton in the 1890’s, where the main requirement is brilliance of colour. Today they are formulated from a...
    $5.19 - $10.79
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  • Sansodor, 75ml

    W&N Sansodor

    A low odor solvent that evaporates slowly, Sansodor increases blending time and is suitable for thinning oil colors and cleaning brushes. Ideal for artists who prefer to avoid exposure to turpentine...
    $5.99 - $27.49
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  • Liquin Light Gel, 75ml

    W&N Liquin Light Gel

    This light gel medium breaks down immediately when brushing onto color and flows with a nice non-drip effect. It is ideal for glazing with oil and alkyd color. Gloss finish. Quick drying...
    $7.39 - $24.49
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  • Liquin Original, 75ml

    W&N Liquin Original

    ⚠️ FLAMMABLE ⚠️ All flammable materials will incur additional shipping charges. We will contact you with the amount required to ship to your location. This general purpose semi-gloss...
    $7.39 - $43.89
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  • Linseed Stand Oil, 75ml

    W&N Linseed Stand Oil

    When mixed with turpentine or white mineral spirit, this viscous, slow drying oil will improve oil color flow, and impart a tough, elastic finish to your artwork. Ideal for glazing and detail work...
    $8.89 - $19.99
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  • Refined Linseed Oil, 75ml

    W&N Refined Linseed Oil

    This pale oil that reduces the consistency of your oil color, increases gloss and slows drying time. Ideal for glazing, blending and in general increasing the transparency of your paint. Low...
    $5.59 - $28.69
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  • Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil, 75ml

    W&N Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil

    This slightly yellow oil is extracted without the use of heat and dries slightly quicker than refined linseed oil. It improves flow and increases gloss and transparency. It is ideal for grinding...
    $14.69 - $40.99
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  • Distilled Turpentine, 75ml

    W&N Distilled Turpentine

    Keep your surfaces, brushes and other equipment in tip top condition with this traditional solvent. Ideal for thinning alkyd and oil colors and for cleaning brushes. Suitable for removing varnish...
    $5.89 - $35.09
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  • Dammar Varnish, 75ml

    W&N Dammar Varnish

    This pale yellow flammable varnish dries quickly to a high gloss. Use it to finish and protect oil and alkyd paintings, prints, maps and drawings. It will tend to darken with age and is removable...
    $6.99 - $51.69
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  • Artists White Spirit, 75ml

    W&N Artists White Spirit

    Achieve the right consistency with your oil colors and ensure that your brushes are clean and ready to go at the start of every painting session. This volatile diluent is suitable for thinning oil...
    $5.19 - $24.49
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