Strathmore Online Workshops thru December 31, 2018

Strathmore 2023 Online Workshop Series

Workshops continue through December 31, 2023

Learn techniques from experienced artists through online videos and downloadable instructions. Get inspired from other students in Strathmore's virtual classroom. Keep motivated with ideas and tips from our instructors.

Workshop 1: Drawing What You See AND What You Don't
Instructor: Kelly Foss - all series available now

Workshop 2: Spontaneous Watercolor Landscapes
Instructor: Steve Mitchell - starts May 1, 2023

Workshop 3: Rendering the Human Face with Different Mediums
Instructor: Hazylle Mae - starts August 7, 2023

Workshop 4: Colorful Watercolor Sketchbooking
Instructor: Jane Beata - starts November 6, 2023

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