Winsor & Newton

  • Blending Medium, 75ml

    W&N Blending Medium, 75ml

    Customize your painting experience! This Blending Medium slows the drying rate of watercolors to allow more time for color blending. It is ideal for blending, glazing, stroke work, antiquing and...

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  • Thickened Linseed Oil, 75ml

    W&N Thickened Linseed Oil, 75ml

    Ideal for reducing brushstroke retention and improving the flow of oil paints, this pale refined oil of syrupy consistency behaves like Linseed Stand Oil but dries quicker and darker. Increases gloss...

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  • Drying Poppy Oil, 75ml

    W&N Drying Poppy Oil, 75ml

    This oil accelerates the dry time of your oil paint and is made from poppy seeds. It also increases gloss and transparency while reducing consistency, ideal for achieving a luminous effect and...

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  • Artisan Water Mixable Stand Oil, 75ml

    W&N Artisan Stand Oil, 75ml

    The flow and leveling of Winsor & Newton Artisan water-soluble oils is improved by using slow drying stand oil. It is excellent for glazing and producing fine detail, as it smooths brushwork out for...

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  • Artisan Water Mixable Safflower Oil, 75ml

    W&N Artisan Safflower Oil, 75ml

    When creating an oil painting with whites or pale colors, Safflower Oil can be used instead of Linseed Oil to reduce consistency of your paints. The paler color allows for paler pigments maintain...

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  • Artisan Water Mixable Linseed Oil, 75ml

    W&N Artisan Linseed Oil, 75ml

    This oil is used for reducing the consistency and improving the flow of Winsor & Newton Artisan water-soluble oil colors, paints that allow you to achieve the buttery consistency of oil paint without...

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