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  • Plein Air Pochade Box

    New Wave u.go Plein Air Pochade Box 6x8

    u.go™ Anywhere™ Pochade Box was designed for travel from ocean to mountain top and anywhere in between, designed and manufactured by New Wave® in Pennsylvania, USA. Patent Pending. Each tree's inherent beauty, shown in the grain lines,...
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  • Paper Towel Holder Paper Towel Holder

    Paper Towel Holder

    Keep your paper towels easily accessible with this paper towel holder that hangs on the side or end of the 9x12 Guerrilla Box™, 8x10 Cigar Box™, French Resistance™, or French easels. Simply run the chain through the tube of your paper...
    MSRP: $11.69
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  • Pocket Box 5x7 closed

    Pocket Box 5x7

    The smallest Guerrilla Painter pochade box is great for those who like to travel light, backpackers...inconspicuous cafe painters. A traditional pochade box with a thumb-hole for holding it in your hand, sliding palette and storage for supplies. The lid...
    MSRP: $169.99
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  • Pocket Box Bag 5x7 It's so cute!

    Pocket Box Bag 5x7

    Zippered nylon tote for the 5x7 Pocket Box with pockets for gear. Fits the 5x7 Pocket Box™ (both original and V 2.0) Front has a large velcro pocket Back has a small zipper pocket Inside mesh pocket Three carrying handle options for carrying...
    MSRP: $29.99
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  • Shadebuddy™ Umbrella Kit en plein air

    Shadebuddy™ Umbrella Kit

    Provides shade for you and your easel without putting your easel at risk of a wind gust. The foot pedal makes it easy to push into the ground. The optional Shadebuddy Tie Down Kit allows the Shadebuddy to be secured in a wide variety of conditions. The...
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  • Soft Clamp Umbrella Silver Deluxe en plein air

    Soft Clamp Umbrella Silver Deluxe

    Keep the sun off your palette and painting. The mounting kit (included) becomes a part of your Guerrilla Box™, Hinged Front Guerrilla Box™, or French Resistance™ so there is no need to remove it. Thie umbrella is held on securely by a...
    MSRP: $59.99
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  • Thumbox 6x8 closed

    Thumbox 6x8

    The 6x8 inch ThumBox holds two wet 6x8 inch panels (0.13" or 0.25" thick) completely enclosed within the lid of the pochade box. It has a storage compartment under the sliding palette and an easy-to-use adjustable lid bracket which positively locks the...
    MSRP: $149.99
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    Tilden Aluminum Tripod Easel

    Light weight and adjustable to use while sitting, standing or placed on a table, the Tilden easel is great for travel. Made of light-weight aluminum, it weighs just 2 lbs. but can accommodate canvases or panels up to 32"h x 1"d. A spring-loaded top clamp...
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  • Universal Tripod Mount Kit Universal Tripod Mount Kit

    Universal Tripod Mount Kit

    Adapt your 5x7 Pocket Box™ or 6x8 ThumBox™ (or your own home-made box) for use on any standard tripod with this easy to install kit. Includes our Universal Tripod Mount™, four machine screws with nuts & washers, and four rubber...
    MSRP: $29.99
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  • Wide Mouth Single Palette Cup

    Wide Mouth Single Palette Cup

    Stainless steel cup features a bottom clip that slides over the edge of your palette. The wide mouth makes it easy to use under field conditions without damaging brushes. The screw on lid with a gasket keeps the palette cup from leaking during transport...
    MSRP: $9.99
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