• Thumbox 6x8 closed

    Thumbox 6x8

    The 6x8 inch ThumBox holds two wet 6x8 inch panels (0.13" or 0.25" thick) completely enclosed within the lid of the pochade box. It has a storage compartment under the sliding palette and an easy-to-use adjustable lid bracket which positively locks the...

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    Tilden Aluminum Tripod Easel

    Light weight and adjustable to use while sitting, standing or placed on a table, the Tilden easel is great for travel. Made of light-weight aluminum, it weighs just 2 lbs. but can accommodate canvases or panels up to 32"h x 1"d. A spring-loaded top clamp...

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  • Tripod Stone Bag

    Tripod Stone Bag

    Dual purpose tripod accessory -- a stash for odds and ends while you're painting and a ballast bag for added stability in breezy conditions. Add extra stability No need to remove from the tripod between uses Reinforced nylon

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  • Universal Tripod Mount Kit Universal Tripod Mount Kit

    Universal Tripod Mount Kit

    Adapt your 5x7 Pocket Box™ or 6x8 ThumBox™ (or your own home-made box) for use on any standard tripod with this easy to install kit. Includes our Universal Tripod Mount™, four machine screws with nuts & washers, and four rubber...

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  • Wide Mouth Single Palette Cup

    Wide Mouth Single Palette Cup

    Stainless steel cup features a bottom clip that slides over the edge of your palette. The wide mouth makes it easy to use under field conditions without damaging brushes. The screw on lid with a gasket keeps the palette cup from leaking during transport...

    MSRP: $9.99
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