• Instant Krazy Glue Color Change

    Elmer's Instant Krazy Glue Color Change

    Instant Krazy Glue Color Change delivers the same strong bond as instant Krazy Glue - but it goes on purple and dries completely clear. Perfect for keeping track of where you have applied glue! This glue comes with a brush-on applicator that provides...

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  • ProBond Advanced Glue

    Elmer's ProBond Advanced Glue 2oz

    This is Elmer's strongest, and safest multi-surface glue; it works best on stone, metal, ceramic, wood, foam, glass and more. It features a light color for a translucent finish that can be easily painted. This glue cleans up easily with soap and water...

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  • Carpenter's Wood Glue

    Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Glue 8oz

    Specifically formulated for wood, this glue grabs fast while still allowing repositioning. It can be painted, will not gum up from heat when sanded or sawed and cleans up with water. Non-flammable. Non-toxic. No harmful fumes.

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  • No-Run Blue Gel Glue

    Elmer's No-Run Blue Gel Glue 4oz

    This fun blue gel glue is easy to use and ideal for paper, cloth, school and craft projects. It's blue color is easy to see so you know where you've applied glue already, and it dries clear and flexible. The easy to open twist cap allows you to squeeze...

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  • School Glue

    Elmer's School Glue 1.25oz

    This glue provides a strong bond that adheres quickly to wood, paper, cloth and other porous materials. It features a no-clog, easy-flow cap for ease of use and gunk-free storage. Non-toxic. Washable. Non-flammable.

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  • Glue-All

    Elmer's Glue-All 16oz

    This ready-to-use adhesive is white and becomes transparent when dry. It can be used for paper, wood, glass, tile and more. Ideal for home, office, schools and industrial use. Non-staining. Works on porous and non-porous surfaces. Leak-proof cap.

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  • Contact Cement

    Elmer's Contact Cement 1oz

    Contact Cement creates an ultra-flexible bond on plastic, laminate, metal and wood. It sets instantly and dries clear, water- and UV-resistant, making it great for both indoor and outdoor uses. Neoprene rubber formula. Non-toxic. Cures fully in one hour.

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  • Super Fast Epoxy Cement

    Elmer's Super Fast Epoxy Cement 1oz

    Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications that require a fast, rigid bond, this strong adhesive adheres to most plastics, wood and metals. This epoxy has a two part formula with a hardener provides a fast five minute set time, reaching full strength...

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