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  • Super 77 Spray Adhesive 7.3oz

    3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive 7.3oz

    This multi-purpose industrial adhesive spray provides a strong, resilient bond to paper, cardboard, cloth, foil, foam and much more. Ideal for household repairs or DIY projects around the house, arts & crafts projects and more. It is translucent and...

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  • Super Glue Gel 18007 2gm 1/Cd

    3M Super Glue Gel 2g

    This gel adhesive bonds light-weight articles such as paper, wood, leather, ceramic, metal and more. The convenient, self-piercing tube allows for precise application. Dries clear Multi-purpose Mess-free

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  • Super Glue Liquid Ad-110 .21oz

    3M Super Glue Liquid 6g

    Super Glue Liquid is safe and easy to use adhesive that is great for everyday household fixes, creative projects and various repairs. The no clog tip ensures a steady flow of glue and prevents frustration and waste! Dries clear Solvent-free Mess...

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  • Aleene's Acid-Free Tacky Glue 4oz

    Aleene's Acid-Free Tacky Glue 4oz

    This all-purpose, acid-free adhesive is ideal for household fix-it jobs, arts, crafts and hobbies. It dries clear and flexible and cleans up with water. A squeeze tube with fine tip makes precise application easy - this glue is especially useful for...

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  • Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue 4oz

    Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue 4oz

    This crystal clear solution is a transparent adhesive with an all-purpose formula that works on a variety of craft surfaces, allowing your creativity to shine like it’s meant to. Great for crafts, kids’ crafts and other DIYs. Non-toxic. Low-odor. Easy to...

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  • Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue 4oz

    Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue 4oz

    Getting smaller items to stick can be frustrating when you don’t have a tough adhesive that works in an instant! Ideal for crafters, hobbyists and fine artists alike, this Fast Grab Tacky Glue’s extra-thick formula grabs hard-to-hold items on contact, so...

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  • Flexible Stretchable Fabric Glue

    Aleene's Flexible Stretchable Fabric Glue 4oz

    When it comes to stretchy fabrics, choose a glue that moves with you! Flexible Stretchable Fabric Glue has a flexible drying formula that’s perfect for repairing and embellishing knits, dancewear and tees. It dries clear, permanent and washable with...

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  • Aleene's Jewel-It Embellishing Glue 4oz

    Aleene's Jewel-It Embellishing Glue 4oz

    If you’re all about embellishing, then this glue is for you. Jewel-It Embellishing Glue is a must have for all of your fabric projects that need a little (or a lot of) something sparkly. This fabric glue is ideal for working with hard-to-hold accents on...

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  • Aleene's No-Sew Fabric Glue 4oz

    Aleene's No-Sew Fabric Glue 4oz

    Sometimes you need a little assistance with your sewing projects! Aleene’s No-Sew Fabric Glue has a unique formula that’s perfect for providing a temporary hold while basting and stitching. It won’t gum up your sewing needle as your work, and the glue...

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  • Aleene's OK To Wash-It 4oz

    Aleene's OK To Wash-It 4oz

    OK To Wash-It is a non-yellowing, washable adhesive that bonds fabric and embellishments to fabric and holds through repeated washings. Use it for embellishing costumes, home décor fabrics and much more!

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  • Original Tacky Glue

    Aleene's Original Tacky Glue 2oz

    There’s a reason this glue has been around for 50 years! This trusted all-purpose adhesive works on just about every surface. Its thick, tacky formula grabs items on contact and dries super strong and permanent, making it ideal for crafts, hobbies, DIYs...

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