May is Plein Air Faire


  • Liquin Fine Detail Medium, 75ml

    W&N Liquin Fine Detail Medium, 75ml

    For use with oil and alkyd color, this medium is ideal for fine detail work, allowing you to achieve interesting drip effects or smoothly blend areas with no brush marks. It is also ideal for glazing techniques. Gloss finish. Quick drying. Non-yellowing.
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  • Thickened Linseed Oil, 75ml

    W&N Thickened Linseed Oil, 75ml

    Ideal for reducing brushstroke retention and improving the flow of oil paints, this pale refined oil of syrupy consistency behaves like Linseed Stand Oil but dries quicker and darker. Increases gloss. Increases the durability of paint film. Increases...
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  • Drying Poppy Oil, 75ml

    W&N Drying Poppy Oil, 75ml

    This oil accelerates the dry time of your oil paint and is made from poppy seeds. It also increases gloss and transparency while reducing consistency, ideal for achieving a luminous effect and working with layers of color. Fast-drying. Resists yellowing...
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