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  • Erasing Shield

    Erasing Shield

    When working with graphite, charcoal, pastel or other mediums that smudge easily, an eraser shield is essential to getting the highlights just right without botching your work. This shield features apertures for lines, dots, curves and more, allowing you...
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  • Grip 2001 Artist Drawing Set

    Faber-Castell Grip 2001 Artist Drawing Set

    These pencils come in a convenient set with three grades of super-black graphite leads and everything you need to create striking, dynamic drawings. The triangular shape has a soft grip zone and is finished with an environmentally safe water-based...
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  • PITT Calligraphy Pen Set Black

    Faber-Castell PITT Calligraphy Pen Set Black

    These versatile calligraphy pens feature a chisel nib ideal for calligraphy and stylized drawings. The ink is fade- and smudge-resistant and waterproof when dry. The 2mm chisel nib is ideal for journaling, scrapbooking, greeting cards and other...
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  • PITT Monochrome Tin Set 12-Pieces

    Faber-Castell PITT Monochrome Tin Set 12-Pieces

    This PITT Monochrome Set is ideal for the mobile artist who needs a handy portable set for sketches and studies using charcoal, graphite and artists pencils and crayons. This set includes a Castell 9000 graphite pencil, a PITT Graphite Pure Pencil, two...
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  • Single GRIP Trio Pencil Sharpener

    Faber-Castell Single GRIP Trio Pencil Sharpener

    This triangular shaped sharpener works with three different sized pencil barrels with a built in shavings collector. The blades sharpen a wide array of supplies to a perfect point for continued precision and ease of use - there is nothing better than the...
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  • Factis Pen-Style Eraser Refills

    Factis Pen-Style Eraser Refills

    This set includes three refills for the Factis Pen Style Mechanical Eraser, which is ideal for fine line erasing. Create detailed highlights and precise marks. Latex-free plastic erasers. Non-abrasive. Reliable quality.
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  • Factis Pen-Style Mechanical Eraser

    Factis Pen-Style Mechanical Eraser

    This pen-style eraser allows you to remove graphite, charcoal or pastels with precision and attention to detail. Great for subtractive charcoal drawings, detail work and everyday use. The self, non-abrasive plastic eraser is a retractable holder and a...
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