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  • Hahnemuhle Cappuccino Sketch Books, A4 (8.3x11.7) and A5 (5.8x8.3) Cappuccino Paper Detail

    The Cappuccino Book

    With its light-brown paper, this sketchbook reminds us of a cappuccino with fresh froth. Therefore, it’s the ideal first choice for warm shades of colour. On the restrained background, colours...

  • Hahnemuhle Gray Sketchbooks, A5 (5.8x8.3) and A4 (8.3x11.7) Gray Sketchbook Detail

    The Grey Book

    The smooth sketch paper is well suited for working with Indian ink, fountain pens and acrylic markers as well as other water-based pens with minimum abrasion. Colours stand well on the light-grey,...