May is Plein Air Faire


  • Pacific Arc Lead Pointer for 2mm leads.

    Lead Pointer

    Made from high quality plastic, this mechanical pencil sharpener is the perfect addition to any drafters, sketch artists, architects or engineers. The rotary sharpener design makes it easy to sharpen or blunt the point of your lead. Sharpen or blunt the...
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  • The ViewCatcher

    The ViewCatcher

    Take your time choosing a composition - frame your perspective with the ViewCatcher. Useful for framing and composition for fine art, crafts and photography, the device slides open to provide a viewing window that features indicators for standard...
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  • Pickett Circle Template

    Circles Template

    Circle diameter sizes range from 1/16" to 1-3/8", with 1/16" to 11/32" in 1/64" increments, 3/8" to 3/4" in 1/32" increments, 13/16" to 1" in 1/16" increments and 1-1/8" to 1-3/8" in 1/8" increments.
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  • Flexible Stainless Steel Ruler

    Flexible Stainless Steel Ruler

    These high quality, flexible stainless steel rulers have both inch and centimeter calibrations and feature a single hole for hanging. Their non-skid cork backing makes them perfect for cutting.
    $2.79 - $16.89
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  • AA Tote Boards

    Artist Tote Board with Clamps

    These portable, multifunctional tote boards are great for both indoor or outdoor sketching and painting. Made of untempered 5mm MDF, they feature heavy duty clips, an easy-carry cutout handle and a heavy-duty rubber band to keep pad or paper in position.
    $10.39 - $28.49
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  • Excel Tweezers

    Excel Curved Point Tweezers

    These tweezers feature a sharp curved point, fingertip ribs along the holding area and an alignment pin for precision and accurate control. This is an ideal tool for hobbyists and professional craftsmen.
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  • Aluminum T-squares

    Aluminum Standard T-Square

    These T-Squares have a 1.5" tempered aluminum blade which is calibrated in inches and centimeters. The black ABS plastic heads are light-weight and nearly unbreakable. The heads are secured with five screws instead of rivets.
    $42.99 - $57.99
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  • x3000

    X-ACTO X3000 Knife

    This knife features a convenient built-in storage compartment which holds up to five extra #11 blades. The anti-roll handle is textured and has a no-slip grip.
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  • X-ACTO Z-Series #11 Blades

    X-ACTO Z-Series #11 Blades

    Durable zirconium nitride coated blades that on average are seven to ten times sharper than other X-ACTO blades. The coating on the blades adds significant strength to the blade itself, particularly the tip.
    $3.59 - $46.69
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  • X-ACTO #11 Blade Dispensers

    X-ACTO #11 Blade Dispensers

    Economical bulk packs of blades are incredibly useful to have in studios, workshops, frame shops, classrooms and other work spaces where creatives are making precise cuts. These replacement blades come with a convenient safety dispenser.
    $3.19 - $40.19
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  • X-ACTO #11 Blades

    X-ACTO #11 Blades

    The X-ACTO no. 11 Classic Fine Point knife blades are the perfect accessory to a true tool of precision. When elaborate, detailed cuts need to be made, the no. 11 blade is the blade to choose. Because the blade is made with quality sharpened carbon...
    $3.09 - $54.39
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