• Meltz Colored Pencil Blender 35ml bottle

    Meltz, Colored Pencil Blender 35ml

    Conveniently blend, blur, soften and mix HOCP with MELTZ, a water based blending thinner. Blending, gradations or brush stroke like effects can be achieved by using MELTZ on an area already covered...
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  • holbein soft pastels

    Holbein Artists' Soft Pastels

    Using a unique manufacturing process Holbein has developed an exceptional range of 144 Artist quality soft pastels which offer great soft powder richness in covering and blending power. The...
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  • holbein oil pastels

    Holbein Artists' Oil Pastels

    Endorsed by the Oil Pastel Association of America (OPA), Holbein Artists' Oil Pastels feel and move like a chalk pastel without the dust. Holbein Oil Artists' Oil Pastels are the culmination of over...
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  • Holbein Designer Gouache

    Holbein Designer Gouache 15ml

    This Designers' Gouache offers great versatility to the fine artist and designer and is an excellent tool for teaching color theory. The opaque matte paint can be mixed with other colors while...
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  • Holbein Acrylagouache

    Holbein Acryla Gouache 20ml

    Ideal for artists, designers, illustrators, students and hobbyists alike, Acryla Gouache moves, reacts, blends and feels like traditional gouache while offering a strong, durable paint film. This...
    $6.89 - $11.09
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  • Holbein Artist Watercolor

    Holbein Artists' Watercolor 15ml

    More finely ground than any other artist watercolor, Holbein Artist Watercolor is produced without ox-gall, animal by-products or other dispersing agents. This affords the user greater control in the...
    $12.69 - $30.79
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