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  • Packaging for the DAS Harmony Collection.

    DAS Smart Harmony Collection Modeling Clay

    DAS Smart Polymer Clay is the perfect oven hardening clay for making unique, hard and resistant creations, jewels and small artifacts. The colors that are included in this set are Lemon Yellow, Warm Yellow, Orange, Geranium Pink, Violet, Scarlet Red,...
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  • Depicted is the Travel Spirograph with all of its contents. Depicted is the Travel Spirograph in its original cardboard packaging.

    The Original Travel Spirograph

    The Travel Spirograph is the classic way to create countless amazing designs on the go! This portable Spirograph studio kit has a built-in design ring, work surface and storage compartment for holding your wheels, pens, paper, design guide, and finished...
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  • Craft-tastic Mini Iridescent Bowls Kit

    Craft-tastic Mini Iridescent Bowls Kit

    Proving that good things come in small packages, these 3 little iridescent holographic bowls are perfect for keeping and organizing small treasures. Plus, they are fun to make and fun to watch change color in the light. It’s like carrying a little...
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  • DIY Charm Bracelets Kit

    DIY Charm Bracelets Kit

    Emojis, desserts, pets, and rainbow charms: arm candy had never been so sweet! Create 4 cool new charm bracelets to wear and share. Puffy pets, emojis, desserts, and rainbows you stick together and link onto the 4 bracelets. What’s not to love about this...
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  • Wood Building Kits: Race Car Kit

    Wood Building Kits: Race Car Kit

    For generations, STANLEY tools have been a part of growing up. STANLEY Jr. real wood craft kits allow families to spend quality time creating and building together. STANLEY Jr. products offer wholesome inspiration, learning and fun for everyone. These...
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  • Craft-tastic Yarn Llama Kit

    Craft-tastic Yarn Llama Kit

    Making this cute craft is no prob-llama. Just assemble the cardboard form, wrap it with yarn, and dress it with a colorful bridle and blanket. Crafting engages multiple brain areas simultaneously, leading to developmental benefits now and in the future...
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  • Craft-tastic I Love Unicorns Kit

    Craft-tastic I Love Unicorns Kit

    This kit contains enough supplies to make six magical unicorn creations including a garland, unicorn magic dust, tail, backpack charm, a unicorn stuffy and a headband. The kit includes 79 pom-poms, nine pieces of acrylic felt, 31 pieces of adhesive, 25...
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  • Colorsaurus Color Wheel

    Colorsaurus (Kid's Color Wheel)

    This hands-on tool teaches children about color combinations. By simply rotating the dinosaur's back plates children can use the transparent color windows to see what happens when colors collide. Twelve colors around the outside of the wheel can be...
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  • Paint By Numbers Set Sunflowers

    Faber-Castell Paint By Numbers Set Sunflowers

    For children interested in art, learning to create a masterpiece is fun and rewarding. This paint by numbers kit builds confidence in young artists and strengthens important skills. Easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions and links to online tutorials...
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  • Clic & Go Water Cup Lime Green

    Faber-Castell Clic & Go Water Cup Lime Green

    This water cup is great for classrooms, playrooms and art on the go! It collapses into a flat disc easily for easy transport and storage. The wavy edge rim acts as a brush rest that helps to keep the work area clean. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe...
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