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  • Graphite Leads 4H 6pc

    Art Alternatives 2mm Graphite Leads 6pc

    These 2mm leads can be used with any standard lead holder. Lead holders are an innovative tool that allows you to draw with the feel of a wooden pencil without the hassle of sharpening or the inevitable downgrade to a stubby, hard-to-use nub.
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    Art Graf Earth Colors Disc Set

    Set of 6 rich pigmented grahite blocks in earth tones Blocks fit neatly into a cork holder Water-soluble colors for drawing and painting Provides a wide range of shades - use wet or dry Individual blocks measure 1.75 x 2 inches
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  • Art Tin Set - Charcoal

    Art Tin Set - Charcoal

    Art Alternatives Charcoal is made from fine compressed charcoal and selected binders, perfect for soft, flowing lines. Suitable for all artists, this set contains three charcoal pencils: soft, medium and hard; and two compressed charcoal sticks: hard and...
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  • Art Tin Set - Clutch Pencil

    Art Tin Set - Clutch Pencil

    Many artists swear by clutch pencils (also known as drafting pencils or lead holders). Wood-cased pencils change in size, weight and balance a they are sharpened, which can be a problem. Clutch pencils have a constant weight and size for precise...
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  • Art Tin Set - Woodless Graphite

    Art Tin Set - Woodless Graphite

    Art Alternatives Woodless Graphite Pencils are made from pure graphite and fine clays with a lacquered exterior to facilitate clean handling. They possess excellent drawing and sketching properties, and are suitable for amateur and professional artists...
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  • ArtGraf Graphite Brown Disc

    ArtGraf Graphite Brown Disc

    A unique blend of soft, rich pigments and binders make this chalk ideal for drawing and painting. The intense, water-soluble color is perfect for either dry or wet techniques.
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